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Situated next to southern Europe, Northern Africa is one of only three countries to have a coastline on both the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans. Morocco has very often been the topic of fame and romantic fantasy. The country is very diverse, with citizens that are Arab, Berber (famous for the Moroccan Berber rugs and carpets), and many other European and sub-Saharan African indigenous people. The fantastic interior design that originates from Morocco reflects this diverse culture, being rich in cultural traditions (such as the berber tribes of the atlas mountains) and history. Moroccan interior design is characterized by tribal intricate carvings wooden arched doorways, and flamboyant colourful fabrics, it will come as no surprise that Moroccan interior design has become extremely popular around the world especially in the west, there are now many retailers stocking Moroccan rugs, Moroccan carpets and a vast array of Moroccan home interiors, our personal fav is East Unique a very fair priced store with an excellent selection of vintage and new Moroccan berber rugs and carpets along with Moroccan pouffes, authentic handmade pottery and various home interiors.

It is very important to note that some of the most stunning and extraordinary examples of modern Moroccan interiors can be found both inside and outside of the country itself.


It is very interesting to be aware that the conception of riads was down to Muslim influence. Since many women were mostly not allowed out of the home alone, they needed a place to relax and enjoy so the interior garden was born and as such a riad without compromising their beliefs and religious obligations.


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